│        SSH-J.com       │
                          │ Public SSH Jump & Port │
                          │    Forwarding Server   │
       iam@valdikss.org.ru, https://bitbucket.org/ValdikSS/dropbear-sshj/

Looking for ways to expose SSH behind NAT? Search no further!

Publish SSH server port of your laptop, which is behind NAT:
 ssh any-username@ssh-j.com -N -R laptop-behind-nat:22:localhost:22
   ╭─╯  unique  ╰─╮               │  device name ╭───╯ │destination│
   │  namespace   │               │    and port  │     │address and│
   │for your hosts│               ╰──────────────╯     │    port   │
   ╰──────────────╯                                    ╰───────────╯

Connect to the published SSH:
 ssh -J any-username@ssh-j.com laptop-behind-nat
         It's THAT easy!

Published hosts are bound to the username. Other usernames can't access them.
Pick a unique username (not root 😁) and get access to your devices anywhere!
Limits: 50 exposed services (ports) per username.

Now also accessible over Tor Onion service: sshjmpnoutfqotbj6r3acexiwoalgkth55y5kys7js3px2qqqrwuhqqd.onion